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Dr. Rick Mars presents:

Better Treatment in Fewer Visits

Maximizing Clear Aligner Production and Efficiency


Live Lecture and Q+A


Clear aligners have evolved. Accelerated orthodontics has evolved. Transform your practice, mindset and efficiency with the latest protocols.


Learning Objectives:

-Learn scripting techniques for greater patient acceptance

-Understand how to reduce the total number of visits required per case

-Realize the impact and benefits that high frequency vibration and micro-osteoperforation deliver to convert consults, improve predictability, reduce refinements, and ultimately increase profit


Presenter Bio:

Dr. Rick Mars is a member of the Align Technology, Inc. North America Faculty and Global Faculty, where he has lectured both domestically and internationally about Invisalign since 2007. He was recently awarded the status of Align Master Faculty and Align 2019 GP Faculty Member of the Year. Dr. Mars was voted one of America’s Top Dentists in 2021 for Invisalign, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry by the Consumer’s Research Council of America and a Leading Dentist of the World in 2021 by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals. Dr. Mars has been using Propel since 2013 and Invisalign since 2003. He is currently an Invisalign Platinum Plus Provider, one of the first GP’s in the country to achieve this status. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree at Emory University, Dr. Rick Mars received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Georgetown University School of Dentistry. His experience in both family and cosmetic dentistry has positioned him to be at the top of the modern dentistry field.


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