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The VPro™ Series is the only FDA-cleared high frequency vibration product line proven to move teeth faster. And get this, you only have to use them for five minutes per day!

The Buzz About High Frequency Vibration

Benefits of HFV

High frequency vibration (HFV), like the vibration delivered from the VPro Series, improves orthodontic treatment both mechanically and biologically.

Lower MOPs for Braces

Get Your Dream Smile, Faster.


Micro-osteoperforation™ (MOPs®) is a technique used to accelerate the rate of orthodontic tooth movement with braces or aligners. During a regularly scheduled office visit, your doctor will place perforations or “dental dimples” around teeth that require extra stimulation.

Propel Your Ortho Treatment Forward

Benefits of MOPs

MOPs uses your body’s biology to stimulate faster tooth movement on a cellular level. It does this by increasing the rate of bone remodeling, allowing your teeth to be guided to their desired position more quickly and easily.

Excellerator PT Drive with Tip orthodontic accelerator

Smiles That Speak for Themselves

Before and After

Orthodontic Solutions for Patients 4

Aligners + MOPs

7 Months

Orthodontic Solutions for Patients 5

Aligners + MOPs + VPro

5 Months

Orthodontic Solutions for Patients 6

Braces + MOPs

12.5 Months

Orthodontic Solutions for Patients 7

Aligners + VPro

14 Months

Orthodontic Solutions for Patients 8

Aligners + MOPs

8 Months

Frequently Asked Questions

Propel provides doctor-prescribed ortho solutions suitable for almost all patients. Whether you're in braces or aligner therapy, it is necessary to consult with your doctor to determine the best option for your treatment plan.

Much like the cost of orthodontic treatment, the cost of Propel's treatment aids varies from provider to provider. Find a Propel provider to get a quote.

Yes! Propel's treatment aids can be incorporated into your treatment plan at any time, as prescribed by your doctor.

We'll take it from here. Have your doctor call 855-377-6735 or email info@propelortho.com for more information.

The VPro Series devices were designed with comfort in mind so there is a gradual ramp up to full vibration. While you may not be familiar with the sensation right away, most people become accustomed to usage after just a few five-minute sessions.

Yes, you should wear your orthodontics while using the VPro Series devices, as prescribed by your doctor.

During your appointment, your doctor will numb the treatment area. The perforations or "dental dimples" will be placed as necessary to stimulate tooth movement. Since the treatment area will be numb, you should only feel slight pressure as the perforations are being placed. Post-treatment, most patients report little to no pain. Patients can take acetaminophen for any minor discomfort, but it is important to avoid Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (NSAIDs), as they have been shown to inhibit orthodontic tooth movement.

Results Worth Smiling About

Here's What People Are Saying

Propel allowed me to get the smile I wanted within five months of my wedding day. I would not have elected ortho treatment without Propel’s ability to reduce my treatment time by half.

Testimonial Author

Maxwell B.


If someone told me they were getting aligners, I would tell them they should definitely have the VPro. It helps with the discomfort and it’s simple—five minutes a day.

Testimonial Author

Hannah L.


I have actually been surprised how quickly I can see results with the VPro. It’s so effortless and it’s so easy to do, to just have that in your mouth for a few minutes a day.

Testimonial Author

Coco D.


I went to four different orthodontists and they all said I would need jaw surgery. For me, I don’t like any kind of surgery, so the best option for me was Propel.

Testimonial Author

Vivian S.


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