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The 5 Minute Acceleration Device


The VPro™ Series is the only FDA-cleared high frequency vibration product line proven to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement and increase predictability in just 5 minutes a day. Equip your patients with a simple and easy-to-use tool for a referral worthy orthodontic experience.

Not All Vibration is Equal

Benefits of HFV

Different frequencies yield different results. High-frequency vibration with the VPro Series works on a mechanical and biological level to benefit orthodontic treatment.



The Excellerator® Series is the first and only line of products cleared by the FDA for use in micro-osteoperforation (MOPs®). Complete this simple in-office treatment to execute challenging movements and reduce overall treatment times.

The Gold Standard in Acceleration

Benefits of MOPs

Micro-osteoperforation harnesses the body’s own biology by inciting a localized inflammatory response. This doctor-administered technique allows enhanced clinical control and greater efficiency for your orthodontic cases.

Excellerator PT Drive with Tip orthodontic accelerator

Treat Any Patient. Any Malocclusion.

Before and After

Dr. Bella Shen Garnett Open Bite VPro Case

Open Bite + VPro

Dr. Bella Shen Garnett
10 Months

Dr. Gary Brigham Crossbite, Crowding VPro Case

Crossbite + VPro

Dr. Gary Brigham
14 Months

Dr. John Pobanz Impacted Canines MOPs Case

Impacted Canines + MOPs

Dr. John Pobanz
6 Months

Dr. Lucy Huang Underbite MOPs Case

Anterior Crossbite + MOPs

Dr. Lucy Huang
3 Months

Dr. Noel Ananthan Severe Crowding MOPs Case

Severe Crowding + MOPs

Dr. Noel Ananthan
8 Months

Two Models.
Same Great Results.

Excellerator® Series

  • Version

  • Surgical Stainless Steel Tip

  • Designed for Multiple Perforations

  • Power Driver

  • Contra-Angle

Excellerator PT Drive with Tip orthodontic accelerator
  • Excellerator PT
  • Surgical Stainless Steel Tip

  • Designed for Multiple Perforations

  • Power Driver

  • Contra-Angle

Excellerator RT accelerated orthodontics
  • Excellerator RT
  • Surgical Stainless Steel Tip

  • Designed for Multiple Perforations

  • Power Driver

  • Contra-Angle

Patient Satisfaction. Practice Success.

Here's What Doctors Are Saying

There is zero chance we would have been able to make this transition in 18 months without Propel products.

Dr. David Boschken

Dr. David Boschken

Boschken Orthodontics

Several years ago, these acceleration modalities had significantly influenced my practice. Now, they have defined it.

Dr. Brigham

Dr. Gary Brigham

Brigham Orthodontics

They are consistently unlocking my most profitable finishes while delivering patients non-surgical solutions.

Dr. Bella

Dr. Bella Shen Garnett

Bella Smile

Everybody is happy in the office because these treatments progress much more smoothly with fewer refinements.

Testimonial Author

Dr. Sandra Tai

Dr. Sandra Tai Orthodontics

These technologies have been the best things I've been given in my practice career that I did not know I needed.

Dr. Nicozisis

Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis

Princeton Orthodontics

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